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A leading Pro-Democracy group, Kwara Must Change has introduced a new twist to public engagement in Kwara State by inviting students across tertiary institutions in the state to solve a governance equation on the ongoing upgrade of Kwara Hotel to 5 star Hotel.

The upgrade of the hotel has generated heated exchange in the state.

In a post on its Facebook social media page, the group raised multiple questions for mathematical determination and says any student that can provide the correct answer will be rewarded with Fifty Thousand Naira (N50,000) cash gift.

Kwara Must Change noted that, governance debate should not be left for few politicians and public personalities who may have their own agendas, it should involve all concerned stakeholders, especially the students, which it believes can make better judgement on governance issues if given the right information.

Providing background to the question, Kwara Must Change explained that, 6 years ago, Akwa Ibom State Government built a 143 rooms 3 star Hotel in Uyo for N25Billion.

In Oyo State, 87 rooms premier hotel is being upgraded for N20BILLION.

If 172 rooms Kwara Hotel is valued at N5.4Billion 2 years ago and the Hotel is to be upgraded to 5 star with N17.8billion in 2024, considering the 29% inflation rate in Nigeria today, students determine if the proposed cost of upgrading Kwara Hotel to 5 star Hotel is expensive or cheap.

The group also wants students to determine what the valuation of Kwara Hotel would be after the hotel is fully upgraded in 2025.

In its second question, Kwara Must Change said, when 20% averagely rated Kwara Hotel is functional, it generates N50 million per month and N600million per year.

If upgraded to 5 star and the Hotel is functional at its 100% capacity, how long will it take the hotel to generate the N17.8billion used in upgrading it.

The competition is generating exciting debate in Kwara State, as students are making attempts to solve the equation.

Kwara Must Change approach has also introduced a different twist to the debate, giving more context to the issue to enrich public conversation.

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