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The Senate Committee on Marine Transport, under the Chairmanship of Distinguished Senator Wasiu Sanni Eshilokun, continued its tour of some of the various ongoing waterfront reclamation/estates development projects along the waterways in Lagos State on Friday 5 July, 2024, as part of its oversight functions on the National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA).

The committee visited Orange Island and was conducted round the project site by it’s General Manager, where the Committee demanded that shoreline protection be put in place to save the estate from water erosion; and also advised that a joint Marina be built for use by all residents of the Estate.

Thereafter, they visited the 50 hectare Exxonmozel estate, where 20 hectares of land had been reclaimed and also inspected Osita/Nimco estate; as well as, Gravitas/Gracefield, all through the Chevron estates. They concluded the inspection by visiting Ojomu/Ajiran Estat

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